Why we are your best value


Quality. All of our raw materials, without exception, are sourced from trusted and vetted suppliers. Then we test each and every ingredient for identity and purity in our own laboratory.

No extra fillers or additives. We don’t add anything to our products that doesn't belong there. Our labels are clean and easy to read without any “Window Dressing” extras or “Proprietary blends” with goofy names.

The lowest price. When you purchase from HardRhino.com we guarantee you are getting the best value in three different ways.

  1. If you find the same item at a lower price, send us a link. If the seller is a legitimate company (Not somebody selling a bag of powder out of the back of his Toyota), then we will match that price AND credit your account the same amount towards future purchases. That’s right we double your savings and you help us keep our prices competitive. Repeat customers for same items will receive only price matched item discount.
  2. The second way we guarantee the best price is by MATCHING and BEATING by 5% any specials by our competitors. Again, all you have to do is send us a copy of the competitor’s email special. We will honor their special AND give you an additional 5% savings. Of course, we may have to adjust our offer in certain cases for example, if our container sizes differ.
  3. Expired Product Trade in. Finally, you never have to worry about expired product. We’ve all done it. We sometimes buy too much of something and we end up not using it in time. All of our products have long shelf lives. But just in case one of your purchases goes beyond the expiration date, simply send it back to us and we will replace it for you. Certain conditions apply, for example it has to be in original condition with all the seals in place and you need to have proof of purchase such as an email receipt.

We appreciate your trust in us and value your business.