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Free Speed Rope Challenge

What is the Free Speed Rope Challenge?
It is a fun contest we cooked up where you can get a Muscle Empire Speed Rope at absolutely no cost, If you can do 150 UNBROKEN double unders, you get the rope of your choice absolutely free. Not even a shipping fee (You still need to pick up any tax). 

Who is eligible?
Anyone and everyone.

How does it work?
We tried to make the program as simple as possible:

Step 1: Buy your choice of Muscle Empire Speed Rope. You can buy it here or on or from any of our affiliated web sites.

Step 2: Register your purchase. This step is not necessary if you purchased from

Step 3: Video yourself doing 150 UNBROKEN double unders. Post the video to Instagram or Facebook.

Step 4: Notify us. Let the video run for at least two weeks. After two weeks, we send you a check for the entire purchase price including shipping. Not a store credit but a complete refund (Less any tax you may have paid).

Can I choose any rope I want?
Absolutely. You can choose any rope you like. Realistically, you will probably stick with a true Speed Rope and not one of our Heavy Ropes.

I am really good at double unders. How often can I enter?
As often as you like but at least 30 days apart. That is, once a month. Yes, that's right. You can conceivably win 12 ropes a year.

Good Luck!

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Additional Information

Free Speed Rope Challenge:
Carry Pouch:
Rope Thickness:
2.5 mm
Bearing Type:
Low Friction Roller
Attachment Style:
Push N Grip
Spare Rope:
Not Included
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