Quick and Easy Strawberry Protein Shakes

Want to kick up the flavor of your Hard Rhino Strawberry Protein? How about trying a Wild Berry Protein shake to kick off your morning? The ingredients listed below will blend you up a sweet and tart rush of flavor and protein needed to wake you up from a red eyed sleep in the morning!

Wild Berry Protein Shake


1 Scoop Strawberry Rampage Protein

8 Raspberries

4 Strawberries

15 Blueberries

2 Cups Low-fat Milk

Handful of ice (if desired)

Calories - 383 | Total Fat - 6g | Total Carbohydrate - 35g | Protein - 42g

Still with us? Great! Put it all in a blender and hit that button....all nice and smooth? Drink up and enjoy!

Check out this recipe and more in Episode 3 of Cooking with Hard Rhino!


Strawberry Cream Shake

Calories - 424 | Total Fat - 16g | Total Carbohydrate - 28g | Protein - 38g

Apple Banana Protein Shake

Calories - 387 | Total Fat - 1g | Total Carbohydrate - 65g | Protein - 26g

7th Nov 2016

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